The Hatter Horizon GP Meeting 2021
The Hatter Cardiovascular Institute Horizon Meeting 2021
Monday, 22 November 2021
Post Event Videos
The therapeutic importance of SGLT2 inhibition – heart failure the new target!
Professor Nikolaus Marx
University of Aachen, Germany
Renoprotective effects of SGLT2 inhibitors
Professor Christoph Wanner
University of Würzburg, Germany
Hypertension, diabetes, and target organs – unravelling the causal chain
Professor Morris Brown
Queen Mary University of London, UK
The biology and therapeutic importance of GLP-1 – another year on!
Professor Dan Drucker
University of Toronto, Canada
Obesity – has new therapy changed our thinking and practice?
Professor Rachel Batterham
Royal Free Hospital and University College London
Neuroprotective effects of GLP-1 analogues – is it time to act?
Dr Hertzel Gerstein
McMaster University, Canada
PCSK9 inhibition – have we reached the limits of lipid lowering and outcome?
Professor Kausik Ray
Imperial College London, UK
Lipoprotein(a): a new target for therapeutic intervention
Professor Steven Nissen
The Cleveland Clinic, Ohio, USA


The fixed costs of the meeting (Venue hire, AV, food & beverage, speaker fees etc.) are underwritten by Pharmaceutical Industry. The 2021 supporters of this event are here.